Sunny Day Real Estate Lipton Witch
Sunny Day Real Estate
Lipton Witch

Sunny Day Real Estate - Lipton Witch

Gas Rag Annihilation
Gas Rag


literally the stereo in this hot tub was going crazy and the volume wouldn’t go down and then finally we took the cd out that was in it and it was a tiao cruz cd and the radio just completely calmed down

The Rival Mob Boot Party
The Rival Mob
Boot Party


The Rival Mob - Boot Party

Joyce Manor Famous Friend
Joyce Manor
Famous Friend


Pissing out your insecurities to people who don’t need you now 
they’ve found someone who can have a little fun.
It makes you wonder how you ever felt affection for somebody who could hate you so.


An Evening with Modern Baseball

We got the chance to hang out with the great dudes in Modern Baseball when they rolled through Toronto, Ontario on The Greatest Generation World Tour. We talked school, tour life and how great the Philly music scene is. Come check it out!

We have another “An Evening with…” coming, stay tuned this weekend to find out who!

Filmed an interview with Modern Baseball yesterday for TTSD. Check it out if you’re into them.

Animal Collective Cuckoo cuckoo
Animal Collective
Cuckoo cuckoo


"And I can scream but cannot yawn
And people gonna come and people gonna cry
We just hope it’s worth the age we die
Don’t try to erase what you have done
Put your fingers in a mouth and kiss it if it wants”

Foundation Anthem For Redemption
Anthem For Redemption


Sentenced myself with the selfish things I say, promises I break, and the way I refuse to let anyone in.
Please let me make my amends.
I’ll do Anything.